Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and children,
Education has not only become very interesting, challenging & demanding in this era but is evolving in its approach as being 'child centric' Therefore, it depends upon each student, in the way they want to look at things & learn. A student who is curious would read the chapter before the teacher introduces the same in the class. They can collect additional information with the use of technology This enables the child to be ahead of others in the class in view of having a better understanding of the concept In order to have a good grasp of what is being learned, we expect each child to remain focussed in academics & extracurricular activities during their schooling years.

While it is important to focus on learning, it is also essential not to lose balance & become over-ambitious. In addition, emphasis on human values by imbibing the virtue of being humble, empathetic. love for nature conscious about conservation, recycling, etc. will go a long way in becoming productive citizens of our country.

This almanac will take you through the guidelines specified by our school. Devoting sufficient time to read & understand each point mentioned m the almanac is a must. Do remember to take very good care of all the facilities that the school has provided. Respecting each & even/ member of the school is mandatory.

Finally, I want to assure you that the Management and our team of experienced teachers are dang their best to give your child the required edge to make his/her mark in this global world.

God bless you dear children Wishing you all an exceptional year ahead

With warm regards.
Mr. Akbar Ali Khan